Aggro Tendencies

Yakava says "Aggro tendencies are a thing that the demon devils try to increase upon Human Spirits from all walks of life, they try to increase those tendencies..."

A Spiritual Woman Being says "...with many methods that are evil inclined..."

A Spiritual Being Male finishes her sentence "...People cannot do it like this though..."

The Spiritual Woman Spirit continues "...If you think that aggro tendencies are happening to you then you should refer to Scriptural Evidence that says powerful things regarding how the demon army has always been evilly inclined and People have to stay alert to aggro tendencies so the "Snowball Effect" does not happen..."

And now the Spiritual Being with the male voice says "...because the Snowball of Aggression can become large and many people have been hurt because they did not understand life, and as life is told to "do good for others" and "treat others as we would want them to treat us", and "You will suffer for every evil in this life and the next one too"

And the Spiritual Woman Spirit finishes with "For Yahweh Spirit is very angry with evil actions by believers because they should know better, because Scripture points it out for them, and one more thing: Please be selfless and do no harm to any Human for if you do, then guilt is good for you to experience

"Let's go this direction"

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