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Language of the Eloheinu Spirit

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Ammy עמי Spiritual Being Section 1

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A Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil writes a song 

Jamie E asks a Spiritual Voices "Are you human?"
The Spiritual Being who he was talking to, sounding like a male with boyish qualities, responded "I am not human, I am not human" 
Jamie E just needed clarification to an issue he was having and said "Oh okay, I thought maybe like the Spirits connected the humans together"
The Spiritual Voices Boy let him know "We do not do that, we do not do that, we do not do that, we do not do that"
And then he added, "Someone else does that, 
We connected the galaxies: We connected the Physical - Spiritual, Physical is Spiritual, Spiritual is Physical, Physical is Physical, Spirituality is Physicality, and Physicality is a word, Physimacality isn't a word, Physicamality isn't a word, sing this song and it will sound good" 
James was happy he heard that song sung in a cool way, and said "Thank you Spirit, thank you Spirit, Hallelujah to the greatest tune, Dios te Bendiga"
Spiritual Being says "Dios te Bendiga to you too James Campbell"
Jamie E repeats the words "Thank you Spirit"
And the Spiritual Being says to Jamie E "Save your breath, you should cover your mouth"

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Hymmm, what's over here?

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