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ה, H   ו, W   ה, H   י, Y
Hey   waw   Hey    Yod  

Moonlit Night


Call out to Yahweh

יהוה Yahweh

Yahweh יהוה is the name of God of Abraham in the Tanakh,
יהוה appears more than 5,000 times in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) known as the Tanakh

English Bibles mostly replaced his name with "lord", a word that derives from Lovard, which means Bread Winner - a word created for Tribal Cheifs later on,

The Tanakh says not to call YHWH Spirit by the same word for 
אדון Adon : Hebrew word for Lord (singular) that you use for Human People  - That's a fail in the English Bible, and אדני Adonay  is the plural version of Adon, those two words are never used to refer to Human People but only to Elohim (gods in Heaven)

Yeshua Jesus said "Call upon my name" and at another time Yeshua swore up and down that the words that he spoke were not his own words but were the words of the one who sent him, meaning god

Elaheyneu is a word from Hebrew Eloheinu, meaning Our God,
יהוה is our god, יהוה is Elaheyneu

If Yeshua was speaking Elaheyneu's words then when he said "call upon my name", he was referring to YHWH Spirit, as explained in the following verse:

י (y) - Yod, ה (h) - Hey, ו (w) - Waw, ה (h)- Hey
Spelled in Hebrew letters
"In their adversity they cried out to Yahweh Spirit and he saved them from their troubles"        -Psalms 107:19

Eloheinu Spirit says "Body of Yeshua Krystos is being wrecked by the devil and what we need to do is when we are Spiritually trapped, remember the "Call out to YHWH Spirit command" to be saved in troubling situations, Our Spiritual Crisis is to bust the devil in pieces and break up Spiritual Evil bindings, יהוה Spirit will judge the situation correctly, and just call out one time for יהוה Spirit to ruin the devil with a Spiritual Battle and your Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil wake up from their slumber and fight the devil for you"

YHWH is יהוה in Modern Hebrew letters and reads right to left
the first letter is a yod י and is pronounced as a "Y"
the vowel "Ah" is added and, the second letter is a hey ה, which is an "H" 
and the first 2 letters is "Yah", and then we go to 
the 3rd letter which is a waw ו, which is most times a "W" and then the next vowel is added, and
the last letter is a
hey ה again, and the last two letters is  "Weh", so the 4 letter name is Yahweh,  

This explanation from 
Elaheyneu (Our God) Spirit, is a way to understand the way things are and how to have a Victory, and that is The Call out to יהוה Victory


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