Language of the Eloheym-  Spiritual Hebrew / Englay


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ט - Teth
ו  - waw
ב - Bet

Tov is Good B.jpg

Tov is Good

Present is a:


Gift of God is a: 


Gift and Present Moment A.jpg

"Survival of the Fittest"

"Me and You"


ע - Ayin
מ - Mem
י  -Yod


"My People"

"Ami" is : 

Ammi My People עמי "And he will call Lo-Ammi by the name "Ammi" (My People) again today and tomorrow and every day after that, Ayin ע, mem מ, yod י is Amy, and Ammi is Ammy -My People in Hebrew Language Bible Tanakh thingy : From Hosea and Gomer's Children and a name for Israel People


Means: "You are my Friend"

אתה חבר שלי



עמי אתה

"Ami Ahta"

"You are my People"    

ע - Ayin
מ - Mem
י  - Yod
א - Aleph
ת - Tav
ה - Hey


Click the Picture for a Recorded Statement:
Ehmunah is Faithfulness in Hebrew Englay English - אמונה - "Anu Spirit feeling more Ehmunah (faithfulness) every day now that ani learned what it is; it is like wine gushing forth in a new vat with new vat liners - Ehmunah is fullness, Ehmunah is strength, Ehmunah is like the oil that runs gears on the new lamp, so we have light at the Party"

Faithfulness Ehmunah is like the tethering force that fills us with the ability to stay connected to the Spirit World and the Physical World, it's like telling somebody about our Spiritual connection and asserting it as our Religious Right to believe what we experience as more than just belief, but as truth, Religious Freedom has been lovely when explaining that Spirits enjoy showering in the dark, but reader beware; showering in the dark brings danger from stumbling, better to leave a night light on instead of a candle: that was an experience with a Spiritual Being who gargles with water in the dark shower, and told us : that she likes to shower in the darkened bathroom, with a nightlight on

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