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Language of the Eloheyneu Spirit

Ammy Spiritual Being and her crew talking about Spiritual Guidance System

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My Spirit Guidance System's messed up

Spiritual Woman Voices say to James today: "I am disappointed in your Spiritual Guidance System"
James agrees with her: "Uh, me too"
Spiritual Being Voices wants to think for a moment and says to James: "Let me think about this for a while" Cause there was some confusion about several things"
While waiting, James annoyingly sings his favorite tune of Da Beginnings: "Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da Da"
And now his song is over and then he speaks with system error "Okay, My Spiritual Guidance System is made up of Spirits that are talking with me right now, therefore, if my Spiritual Guidance System is messed up, it is Your responsibility to fix it unless you have a reason to mess it up."


Spiritual Guidance system and a flashlight

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