Golden method


"The Golden Rope"
Take a hold of The Golden Rope when the Spirits tell you to so that you avoid Burdening Earth below your feet
Other times the Rope will appear when something special is happening and you should go to the Rope
Either way, take a hold of The Golden Rope

"The Golden Waistband"
Listen to the Spirit: If you want to be thin, The Golden Waistband will squeeze your stomach when you think "I want to be thin"
The Golden Method is totally fool-proof, works every time
The Golden Method is: "What you think is what you get"
The Golden Waistband is Spirit Tools at their best, if you think "Golden Waistband", the Spiritual Cross will squeeze you thin

"The Golden Method" is the best method for accomplishing life tasks, The Golden Method is nothing personal, it is utilizing all things Golden for the goals we have for our lives
Try to do things in bronze or silver and it is nothing compared to "The Golden Method"
Strive for Gold every time and that is "The Golden Method"

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