Hae, this is Jeshu.com the place where Elaheyneu Spirits are making statements Isn't it clear that something is going on here? Jeshu.com is owned and operated by the Government, Yahweh's Government and that is how we see it.


ElaHEBREW.com is Jeshu.com and we are learning languages here, AllaHEBREW.com is ElaHEBREW.com and we are learning languages here too, ElaHEBREW is language website, thank you for viewing, and GodofRighteousness.com is lovely to type in your search engine over and over, or type in Jeshu.com is the fasted one to type in the address bar


Join us in 'The Supernaturual Forum / Blog Thingy" to like and comment on our Spiritual conversations and postings Unfortunately we are not allowed to accept members for posting to our blog / forum due to lack of help for legality issues, lack of money for any legal form, however thanks for Spiritual / Supernatural likes and comments / conversation at the  "SuperNatural Forum / Blog thingy", You can click "New to this website" to comment on things in the Forum, from the login-bar or on the menu or the links here and there You can also login with Facebook and Google too 

And we have other areas other than the Forum, that are writing areas of scriptural interesting conversations with Spiritual Beings, see Yakava has been diagnosed with being able to see, on occassion, and hear Spiritual Beings who call themselves Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil, and Elaheyneu Spirits, and Different Elaheyneu Spirits, and there are many sections on Jeshu.com, in America that have Spiritual Words of interesting things, Some of the Titles for those sections are:


"Ammy Spirit 16" (With several Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil like Ammy Spirit 16, and others who didn't necessarily give their name), two sections for Ammy Spirit 16 and The Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil with some word corrections for the Human Spirit of Earth and beyond. Ammy Spirit 16 has aided with much web site Language issues and telling us tov stories which we would write down for her, Ammy Spirit 16 is a little dangerous but she's getting better we think

And "Yakava of Scripture" has some writings with Spiritual Forces of Good and Evil, including more from Ammy Spirit 16, and an experience with "Yahweh of Earth", and "Fajima", and "Yeshua Krysto", including "A Woman from Heaven" writing and some other interesting thing fro the Spiritual Beings that we are always hearing and feeling (touch) in the physical-spiritual world

"Biblical Hebrew / Englay Words" area is going to get larger soon, Eloheym willing that we live long enough to get it done",

and for now includes a few words with picturegraphic images with a pretty cool design, Words start off with 3 of 4 top of the Sephirot design of Spiritual Energies, Be sure to view those 3 powerful energy words in the beginning of the pages, More comming soon

Other than that, there are a few other sections that we're working on in the future, cause we "got one foot in the present and the other in the future" you know?

Toda Roba for visiting our site, hope you enjoy your visit

-Elaheyneu Spirits and

יעקב Yakava JE Campbell